consulting for corporate innovation unit

the challenge

The client recently launched a new initiative and created an internal innovation unit. Being responsible for collecting, testing and formulating internal and external ideas, the unit was lacking the methods, tools and the process. Also, the unit needed a creative space to work with. 

the process

Through a balanced mix of co-creation, meetings and consulting we were able to offer a new way of working while keeping the corporate context and culture in sight. It was important that we design the new way of working, build and train the process, methods and tools in a step-by-step manner. As a foundation we identified and developed the touch points between the innovation unit and management, created a sophisticated innovation blueprint and trained the employees involved.


the outcome

Our innovation blueprint resulted in a shared understanding of the positioning and role of the innovation unit. Keeping both the management and design language and mindset in the process allowed us to consistently make ourselves clear when communicating with different stakeholders. The client now has strong and clear foundation for innovation work in the future.

the skill set

  • Innovation & management consulting
  • Training Design Thinking tools & methods
  • Process management