design thinking bootcamp for internal design agency


The client recently launched an internal design agency that needed support in its implementation of human-centered design tools and methods. Being a large and longstanding company, it is often hard to make innovation stick. The members of this internal agency were the first advocates of customer-centric innovation within the organization. 


We facilitated  a method-focused, Design Thinking bootcamp centered around learning by doing. We also took time to be critical towards the tools. It allowed us to think about the different aspects, benefits and drawbacks when implementing them into their own design process. 


The participants gained a solid understanding of selecting, planning, using and training the tools as part of their customer centric design process.  They have gained efficiency and consciousness when working with these tools, so that they will be more successful as a grassroots internal agency that is part of a traditional organization.

the skill set

  • Design Thinking education
  • Workshop planning, facilitation and documentation